Section 45

GASB Statement 45

Benefit Tracker is an easy-to-use database application that simplifies tracking past, present, and future employee benefits and their costs. You can record and manage all your active and retired employees' (and their dependents') insurance benefits, easier, faster, and more accurately. Reporting features allow you to instantly display current and projected benefit costs, filtered by department, status, type, or product.

You Can:

  • Track changes in an employee's employment status, marital status, coverage, or eligibility for any benefit product, while retaining a complete history of all changes.
  • Reconcile estimated expenditures against an accurate and up-to-date snapshot of your benefit liabilities at any time.
  • Project future expenditures more precisely, based on an exact view of active vs. retired employees, surviving covered dependents, and their ages.
  • Easily produce exact invoices for a specific department's benefit obligations.


  • Manage varying contribution levels according to groups (such as unions) and according to product
  • With the Direct Payment add-on, you can manage payments for Self-Pay subscribers or COBRA users
  • Track spouses, children, and other beneficiaries and their benefits
  • Manage contact information; produce mailings and labels

Save Money

  • Eliminate waste by billing precisely for benefit costs.
  • Detect duplicates and investigate probable departures or demises.
  • Investigate suspected demises against federal records (subscription service).
  • Dramatically reduce the staff-hours needed to administer monthly benefit costs.
  • Instantly produce essential invoices and reports, including the data needed for an "Other Post-Employment Benefits" actuarial study.

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