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Compliance with GASB OPEB
Benefit Tracker simplifies the reporting needed to comply with the actuarial requirements of GASB Statements Number 43 and 45, referred to as GASB OPEB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board's Other Post Employment Benefits). Built-in reports automate the extensive compiling now needed in order to obtain an actuarial study. One click generates the report.

GASB OPEB requires government employers to switch from pay-as-you-go accounting of non-pension post-employment benefits to accrual of costs over the years of active employment. Phasing-in of the compliance requirement will be based on the size of the municipality's budget.

With Benefit Tracker, forward-thinking municipalities can improve their day-to-day operations now, reducing the man-hours needed to administer active and retiree benefit plans, and, when they are ready to assess their accounting of OPEB, they'll be ready.

Note: Benefit Tracker does not perform the actuarial study; it reduces the time and manpower needed to sift through disconnected sources to compile the information needed to perform the study. When you manage your ongoing employee benefits with Benefit Tracker, you can easily and automatically produce the reports your accountant, actuary or consultant will require.

For more information about GASB OPEB, visit and search for "OPEB" or "Statement 43" or "Statement 45."

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